Voter check-in


Tuesday was National Voter Registration Day, and the La Crosse City Clerk is urging people to register early.

Ballot box


Monday night marks the first of three presidential debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

voting sign


If you want to watch the debate surrounded by like-minded people, both major parties are hosting watch parties in La Crosse tonight.

Voter registration sign


Wisconsin elections officials have started mailing postcards to hundreds of thousands of people telling them how to register to vote.

Governor Scott Walker


Gov. Scott Walker's approval rating is at 43 percent, one year after he dropped his ill-fated run for president.

Wisconsin may be a battleground state, if the polls are to be believed, but Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump aren't treating it like one.

Gov. Scott Walker says there was nothing illegal about campaign donations from corporate leaders given to a conservative group that helped him and…

Gov. Scott Walker says he would veto any increase in the gas tax or vehicle registration fee if it winds up in the upcoming state budget unless…


In a major story posted online Wednesday, British newspaper The Guardian has posted a trove of leaked documents from the now-closed John Doe…

Business Forum


A business forum in Onalaska Tuesday is showing differences between a local politician and her challenger.

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Wisconsin is among a group of states that may have real time projections of the winner of the presidential and U.S. Senate races shared before the…

Candidate Forum on Business


The La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce invited candidates in the 94th assembly district and 32nd state senate district to take part in a business…

Russ Feingold


U.S. Senate candidate Russ Feingold continues his tour around Wisconsin with another stop in the La Crosse area Friday.



An online petition created by a former supporter of Green Bay's mayor calls for his resignation because of the campaign finance charges against him.

Wisconsin State Capitol

Assembly Democrats say Republicans haven't done enough to address funding cuts and teacher shortages in Wisconsin's rural schools.

Gary Johnson campaigns

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Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson made a campaign stop in Wisconsin where a new poll shows about three-quarters of state residents don't…

Voter check-in


The state Department of Transportation plans to ship voting credentials overnight to people who try to obtain photo identification during election…

voting sign


The state Elections Commission has approved mailing postcards to more than a million unregistered voters urging them to get on the rolls.

Minnesota State Capitol

Dozens of Minnesota city councils, township board and mayoral elections are without candidates this year.

Ron Johnson visit


Senator Ron Johnson stopped in La Crosse Monday.

Russ Feingold

Chris Gothner

Hollywood movie star Robert Redford is asking for money to support Democratic Wisconsin Senate candidate Russ Feingold.

image: school hall generic

State Rep. Steve Doyle and challenger Julian Bradley have differing perceptions on the state of education funding.

UW-La Crosse Campus


System President Ray Cross says he's optimistic state lawmakers will return aid to UW schools.

trump visit

Donald Trump's arrival brought a flurry of activity at Riverside Center on Front Street Tuesday, and whether you love him or hate him, those in the…

Donald Trump 1 on 1


News 8 sat down with Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump for a one-on-one interview before his private fundraising event in La Crosse.

Democrats respond


Local democrats and veterans are also speaking out following Trump's visit to La Crosse.
Black River Falls resident Dan Krehbiel was drafted for the…

La Crosse Mayor Tim Kabat


Mayor Tim Kabat says he's strongly leaning towards running for re-election

Mike Pence


Indiana Governor Mike Pence visited La Crosse Thursday afternoon to talk about why Donald Trump should be president of the United States.

Voting Booth


As expected, voter turnout on primary election day was low.



A court of appeals panel has stayed a ruling that would have allowed those who couldn't get an ID to vote with "reasonable effort" to use an…