Jill Stein addresses fundraising accusations

Jill Stein outside of Trump Tower


Stein: Money raised going into segregated account so it can't be used for anything other than advancing recount.

Ahead: Austria's presidential election

Austrian election

CNN's Atika Shubert takes a look ahead to Sunday's re-run of the presidential election second round vote in Austria, which could result in the first far-right…

President-elect Donald Trump continues 'thank you' tour

Trump walks through Carrier factory


President-elect Donald Trump doubles down on past campaign promises, appoints Ret. Gen. James Mattis as secretary of defense and visited a Carrier factory on…

Trump in Ohio: There should be consequence for burning the flag

Trump thanking Ohio


Donald Trump kicked off his thank you tour Thursday night in Ohio.

Obama family gives holiday cheer at tree-lighting ceremony

Obamas at church on inauguration day

Pete Souza/The White House

Barack Obama pumped up the crowd before lighting the annual White House Christmas tree Thursday.

Trump at Carrier: We can't allow jobs to leave

Trump speaking Carrier


Donald Trump spoke at a Carrier event Thursday.

Donald Trump starts thank you tour

Trump speaking Carrier


Donald Trump makes his first major public appearance as President-elect. Karin Caifa reports from Washington.

Trump builds his economic team

Trump economic team

President-elect Donald Trump continues building his economic team -- naming his picks for treasury and commerce secretaries.

Trump taps billionaires for top economic posts

Donald Trump meets with Wilbur Ross


President-Elect Donald Trump says he's severing all of his business ties. But he's hired some big money-names on to his cabinet. Jim Acosta reports.

Romney: Trump's comments 'enlightening'

Romney in Ohio

Frank Bivona/CNN

Donald Trump and Mitt Romney had dinner Tuesday in New York.

Thousands evacuate in Tennessee wildfires

Tenn wildfires

CNN Video

More than a dozen wildfires consume mountainside resort towns in Tennessee.

Trump distracts from transition decisions

Donald Trump distractions

President-elect Donald Trump is creating distractions while making transition decisions.

Jill Stein speaks with CNN about Trump, recount

Jill_Stein_on_recount copy


Green Party Presidential Nominee says Trump himself said election was rigged unless he won it.

Fidel Castro: His last years

F Castro, 90th bday

CNN; Cubavision

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro died Friday at age 90 after leading the island nation for nearly 50 years.

Trump announces 2 more staffers

trump wall

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

President-elect Donald Trump announces new deputy national security adviser, White House counsel.

The many lawsuits of Donald Trump

Trump a

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

By some accounts, Donald Trump has been involved in over 4,000 lawsuits.

Christmas tree arrives at White House

Michelle Obama welcomes 2016 Christmas tree

Alex Wong/Getty Images

First lady Michelle Obama and nephews Austin and Aaron Robinson welcomed the White House Christmas tree on Friday morning.

Leaders call for unity on Thanksgiving

Donald Trump Thanksgiving message

Trump Transition 2017 via CNN

Donald Trump and Barack Obama share messages of unity, while Jill Stein pushes for recounts in three states.

Obama releases Thanksgiving message

President Barack Obama 2016 Thanksgiving address

President Barack Obama called for unity in his final Thanksgiving address on Thursday, just weeks after what he called the "sometimes divisive campaign" came…

Trump flip flops on campaign promises

Trump flip flop on Clinton

The New York Times via CNN

Donald Trump's interview with the New York Times highlights changed positions.

Trump releases Thanksgiving video message

Trump 100 day plan

Trump Transition Video via CNN

President-elect Donald Trump addressed the American people in a video message Wednesday.

Obama jokes about daughters during turkey speech

Obama pardons turkey 2016


President Barack Obama had a few laughs at Wednesday's turkey pardoning.

CalExit: Interest grows for California to become independent

CalExit sign

KTXL; Pool via CNN

After the recent presidential election, a group organized by Louis Marinelli formed to have California become an independent nation.  Marinelli said, "It's not…

Celebrities get their Medals of Freedom from Obama

Obama and Ellen


President Barack Obama awarded 21 Medal of Freedom recipients Tuesday.

How to bridge the political divide during Thanksgiving


Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Anxious about a politically- charged Thanksgiving dinner? Here are some tips on how to deal with politics at the holidays.

Trump outlines policy for first 100 days

Trump vid

Trump Transition Video via CNN

He hasn't held a press conference yet, but on Monday, President-elect Donald Trump released a video outlining goals for the first 100 days of his…

Trump goes to war with 'Hamilton'

Trump_Hamilton_tweet copy

Twitter/@realDonaldTrump via CNN

Donald Trump didn't take kindly to the boos Mike Pence received at a showing of hit play "Hamilton."

Can Trump scrap the Iran nuclear deal?

Obama Trump Oval Office

Win McNamee/Getty Images

It took Obama years to craft -- but Trump could tear it down in days.

Obama offers 'wait and see' approach to Trump

Obama_APEC_Summit copy

Pool via CNN

President Obama urges people to take "wait and see" approach to Donald Trump.

Trump kids and possible conflicts

Trump kids conflicts

CNN Video

When Donald Trump is in the White House he plans to hand off his business holdings to his children. But there are growing signs of potential conflicts of…




Statewide recounts rarely lead to change in winners

The presidential recount vote underway in Wisconsin is costing millions of dollars, diverting county workers from their normal end-of-year duties…


Shilling campaign declares victory after recount complete

State Senator Jennifer Shilling declared victory Friday after the recount in the 32nd State Senate District concluded.