Statewide recounts rarely lead to change in winners

The presidential recount vote underway in Wisconsin is costing millions of dollars, diverting county workers from their normal end-of-year duties and raising…

Shilling campaign declares victory after recount complete

Senate Minority Leader Jennifer Shilling


State Senator Jennifer Shilling declared victory Friday after the recount in the 32nd State Senate District concluded.

La Crosse Common Council UWL student rep submits resignation

City of La Crosse


Elaine Anderson has served as UWL student representative on the council since last year.

Majority of challenged Vernon County votes to stand

vernon county votes

The recount for the 32nd state senate race between declared winner and Democrat Jennifer Shilling and Republican Dan Kapanke is getting special attention in…

Presidential recount begins in Wisconsin

Green Party candidate Jill Stein requested the recount that started Thursday.

Shilling campaign: Kapanke challenging absentee ballots in Vernon Co.



The Shilling campaign tells News 8 that Kapanke is challenging the absentee ballots in multiple municipalities of Vernon County.

Presidential recount to begin later in La Crosse County



Wisconsin's Presidential Recount is set to begin Thursday, but the La Crosse County Clerk's office says they may not be ready by then.

La Crosse Co. Clerk prepared for presidential recount

image: voting

Local clerks say the current recount in the 32nd State Senate District, including Jennifer Shilling and Dan Kapanke, could actually speed up their counting in…

North Dakota leaders urge Obama for pipeline completion



North Dakota's governor and congressional delegation are pressuring President Barack Obama to pave the way for completion of the disputed Dakota Access oil…

Oshkosh group fails to get pot possession fine lowered

marijuana plants


A group in Oshkosh that wants to drastically lower the fine for marijuana possession is upset that the city council won't act on its petition.

Dan Kapanke to request recount

Dan and Jennifer

File photos

Dan Kapanke has decided to seek a recount after Sen. Jennifer Shilling won Wisconsin's 32nd district race by 56 votes.

Sen. Shilling wins Senate leadership position, responds to recount request

Jennifer Shilling


Despite a pending recount with Dan Kapanke, Wisconsin Democratic Sen. Jennifer Shilling is reelected as the Senate Democratic Leader.

Minnesota Senate GOP puts health care in 2017 spotlight

Minnesota State Capitol

Senate Republicans are putting a major emphasis on health care as they take control.

National security adviser: Campaign was warfare



President-elect Donald Trump's pick for national security adviser, Michael Flynn, says the recent election was a "political revolution" for the country and…

Mental health patients in Madison seek help after election

Psychiatrists and other therapists in the Madison area say their clients are feeling anxious about President-elect Donald Trump's plan based on his campaign…

Heim: Court's decision on redistricting maps could have national implications

A three-judge panel threw out the state's district maps, saying they violate the voting rights of Democrats in the state.

Federal court blocks Wisconsin GOP's redistricting maps

Generic court, gavel, lawsuit, arraignment, judgment

Jason Morrison/

A federal court says voting districts drawn by Wisconsin Republicans are unconstitutional.

Kapanke has until Wednesday to seek recount in Senate race

Dan and Jennifer

File photos

A La Crosse Republican looking to unseat the state Senate's Democratic leader has until Wednesday to ask for a recount.

Minnesota officials solicit bids for governor's home upgrade

Minnesota State Capitol

Minnesota officials are soliciting bids for proposed upgrades at the Governor's Residence in St. Paul, including a renovation of the property's carriage house…

County election officials prepare for possible State Senate recount

Ballot Box


La Crosse's County Clerk is anticipating a recount in the 32nd State Senate district race between Jennifer Shilling and Dan Kapanke, but a recount hasn't been…

Walker calls on Trump to rescind Obama executive orders

Republican Gov. Scott Walker is telling Facebook followers the first thing he wants Donald Trump to do as president is start rescinding President Barack…

Winona State hosts 54th annual Model Legislature for students

Model Legislature


Area students are getting a first-hand look at how government works.

Political Professor says fake news had small impact in election



Whether fake news stories impacted the results of last week's elections is being strongly contested from both sides.

Why some are signing off on social media post-election


A week after the election, some people in our area say they've signed off social media.

Shilling, Kapanke state Senate race tightens after official count

Dan and Jennifer

File photos

The four counties in the district completed their official counts Tuesday.

La Crosse Mayor Tim Kabat announces re-election campaign

Kabat Buttons


The November election may still be fresh in many minds, but La Crosse's Mayor is already preparing for the next election cycle.

590 provisional ballots cast in Wisconsin election


The Wisconsin Elections Commission says at least 590 people cast provisional ballots in last week's election because they didn't have a photo ID.

Volunteers needed for likely recount of Shilling, Kapanke race

Voting machine


La Crosse's local democratic party is preparing for a possible recount in the Shilling-Kapanke race.

Study to examine if Voter ID reduced Wisconsin turnout


The Dane County Clerk says a new study by the University of Wisconsin-Madison will look at whether the new Voter ID law reduced turnout on Election Day in…

Walker takes lead of GOP governors group


Gov. Scott Walker takes over this week as the new chairman of the Republican Governors Association.




Statewide recounts rarely lead to change in winners

The presidential recount vote underway in Wisconsin is costing millions of dollars, diverting county workers from their normal end-of-year duties…


Shilling campaign declares victory after recount complete

State Senator Jennifer Shilling declared victory Friday after the recount in the 32nd State Senate District concluded.