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Picture Perfect - June 2015

Check out your "Picture Perfect" photos that appear on News 8 at Noon in June 2015. Submit your pictures to Martha Koloski at

PHOTOS: La Crosse Area Day at Miller Park 2015

La Crosse Area Day at Miller Park


More than 1,300 people traveled to watch the Milwaukee Brewers play as part of La Crosse Area Day at Miller Park. The state champion La Crosse Logan Rangers…

Weather Photos

View user submitted weather photos from around the area.

Sports Photos

View sports photos from games around our area.

Pets/Animals/Insects Photos

View photos of pets, animals and insects from News8000 users.

News Photos

View news related photos submitted from area users.

Miscellaneous Photos

View miscellaneous photos that are too interesting for any of our other galleries.

Area Scenic Photos

View area scenic photos including bluffs, trails, sunrises, sunsets, gardening photos and more.

PHOTOS: Storage unit fire in La Crosse

fire at storage unit in La Crosse


Crews from the La Crosse and Shelby Fire Departments are battling at fire at the Edwards Mini-Storage unit at S. 28th Street and Ward Avenue in La Crosse

Picture Perfect - May 2015

Check out your "Picture Perfect" photos that appear on News 8 at Noon in May 2015. Submit your pictures to Martha Koloski at

Crisis in Greece: What to know

Greece ATM with note

Milos Bicanski/Getty Images

Greece announced on June 30 that it won't pay the International Monetary Fund the 1.5 billion euros it owes. Take a look at the latest developments in the…

Who's running and who could run in 2016?

Chris Christie


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie announced June 30 he will run for president as a Republican candidate. Find out who else is running and who some of the other…

Highest-paid celebrities of 2015

Katy Perry, blurb photo

Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

Forbes has released its 2015 list of the world's highest-paid celebrities. Click on to see which 25 stars made the most over the past year.

America's favorite fast food chain is...

Fast food french fries


While satisfaction with the restaurant industry has waned, a survey found Americans still eat out an average of four times a week. See which company topped the…

Apple products that changed the game

Apple Music Jimmy Iovine

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Apple Music, the company's new streaming music service, launches around the world June 30, 2015. Take a look back at some of the products that have defined…

Shortest celebrity marriages

Cher and Gregg Allman, 1970s promo photo


Sometimes not even celebrities can get a Hollywood ending when it comes to romance. Check out some of the shortest celebrity marriages that didn't even make…

Best summer vacations of 2015

Hamoa Beach, Maui, Hawaii


Summer's already officially more than a week old, so maybe it's time to start considering that summer vacation. Take a look at a list of 2015's best summer…

Celebrate this Declaration of Independence quiz

You'll grab a fife and drum after this one.

'Sexy' gorilla tickles Japan's fancy

Sexy Gorilla Shabani 08

Higashiyama Zoo Botanical Garden

Shabani is an 18-year-old male gorilla at Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Garden in Japan. The "handsome" gorilla is super popular with young ladies and…

Timeline of NY prison escape saga

David Sweat

A three-week search involving hundreds of officers scouring the northeast, the saga came to an end on Sunday with David Sweat's capture, two days after Richard…

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