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Look Who's Eight (or 88!)

Happy 8-month, 8th or 88th Birthday

Picture Perfect - March 2015

Check out your "Picture Perfect" photos that appear on News 8 at Noon in March 2015. Submit your pictures to Martha Koloski at

PHOTOS: Badgers move on to the Final Four

Badgers on to Final Four

News 8 Sports Director Gregg Wavrunek is following the Wisconsin Badgers in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. He took pictures at the Staples Center in…

Weather Photos

View user submitted weather photos from around the area.

Sports Photos

View sports photos from games around our area.

Miscellaneous Photos

View miscellaneous photos that are too interesting for any of our other galleries.

Area Scenic Photos

View area scenic photos including bluffs, trails, sunrises, sunsets, gardening photos and more.

News Photos

View news related photos submitted from area users.

PHOTOS: Spring snow 2015

COOL! Darren Klingaman of Lone Rock, WI, sent us this pic of frozen Milwaukee Brewers Racing Sausages.

Darren Klingaman

It's now officially spring and we get our biggest snowstorm of the season for parts of the News 8 viewing area. Check out some pictures of the #SpringSnow from…

PHOTOS: Students walk out, protest after shooting

A group of students walked out of Sun Prairie High School and went to East High School in Madison to protest the shooting death of 19-year-old Tony Robinson.

Notable deaths of 2015

Cynthia Lennon

Wiki/ Commons

Here is a list of some of the notable athletes, musicians and actors we've lost in 2015.

Germanwings plane crash: Timeline of events

Germanwings Airbus A320 search effort

Patrick Aventurier/Getty Images

Details continue to emerge about the final moments of Germanwings Flight 9525 and the life of the co-pilot who authorities say appears to have set it on a…

Best family beaches of 2015


Crag McClue/City of Virginia Beach

The best beaches for families for 2015, released by Family Vacation Critic on Wednesday, all offer more to explore close to the beach.

National anthem fiascoes

Vince Neil, Las Vegas Outlaws national anthem

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Motley Crue's Vince Neil gave his own mangled take on the national anthem before an Arena Football League game in Las Vegas on Monday. Take a look at some…

13 infamous April Fools' Day hoaxes

Taco Bell Liberty Bell prank

These April Fools' Day hoaxes are some of the very best.

35 celebrity Internet death hoaxes

Justin Bieber, blurb photo

Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

Internet pranks can be downright dangerous. Just ask our biggest celebrities, some of whom have "died" several times in fake online reports.

A foolish April 1 quiz



This quiz is wearing a squirting flower on its lapel.

Indiana backlash: What you need to know


Gov. Mike Pence unleashed a firestorm on Indiana last week when he signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. As the controversy mushrooms, here's what…

Birthday quiz: Poetic cake



Today's birthday song will be done in iambic pentameter.

History quiz: Hitler sent to jail



What happened on this day in history?

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