Adam Hatfield

Assignment Editor

Published On: Apr 25 2011 10:12:32 AM CDT   Updated On: May 20 2011 09:51:32 PM CDT

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Adam got his start at News 8 fresh out of school at UW-Green Bay. Always one for a challenge, Adam produced News 8 This Morning, working the graveyard shift and not sleeping normally for two years. In 2005 Adam became Assignment Editor, coordinating stories and running "air traffic control" for the News 8 newsroom.

Family: I live in La Crosse with with his wife, Julie, and the real man of the house, Doogie, a Shih Tzu-Yorkie mix. If you see us out for a walk, or at the dog park, say hello!

My best day at News 8.... was also one of the most difficult days. I'll never forget the weekend in August 2007 when the skies opened up and it seemed like the rain would never stop. The widespread flooding in western Wisconsin and southeastern Minnesota was devastating for so many people. Cities were difficult to get to and our staff worked long hours in difficult conditions, but it was inspiring to see our team come together to tell the stories of those affected.

Favorite book: Once a Runner by John Parker, Jr. - Should be required reading for runners and non-runners. Affirmation for runners, and insight for non-runners on why runners enjoy pounding out miles.

Favorite band: Kings of Leon (current favorite), Led Zepplin (all-time favorite) I'll listen to anything (well, I'll tolerate country)

Favorite food: Lasagna, chili ( both my wife's) or Chinese take out.

Favorite way to spend a day off: On a run up to the one of the lookouts in Hixon Forest. It's always worth the climb to see La Crosse from above. Any golf course in the Coulee Region is a close second.

Favorite sports team: I've been a Twins fan as long as I can remember. My first sports memory was sitting in the upper deck at the Metrodome with my dad, screaming for Bert Blyleven to "slip him the dark one!" I was fortunate enough to be at the last Twins game at the Dome (playoff loss to the Yankees) and Opening Day at Target Field. (win over the Red Sox) The Vikings....let's not talk about that right now.

What do you like about your job? I love the fast pace. I love breaking a story first. I love researching facts and digging for information.  Most important to me: I love the people I work with. I laugh everyday, but I know I can count on them to work hard to get the story. That's what makes News 8 great...we are a team, we are a family.