Mark McPherson

Published On: Apr 25 2011 10:07:31 AM CDT   Updated On: Nov 14 2014 12:01:23 PM CST

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Mark McPherson

Facebook: WKBT Mark McPherson

Twitter: @news8mark


Mark is our Co-Anchor and Producer for News 8 at 5.  He joined our team in 2004 as a weekend photographer and has worked his way into the 5pm anchor chair alongside Lisa Klein.

He, like many in the newsroom, is a graduate of Winona State University where he majored in Mass Comm with a minor in Philosophy.

My best day at News 8 was the day?
There is no way I could pick one single day that I would consider my ‘best day’ in the newsroom, but some of my most memorable include flying in a B-17, traveling to Louisiana after Katrina and interviewing V.P. Joe Biden. I can't pick a single best day, but that's what I love about my job.

Favorite band?
I'm a fan of all kinds of music, often entertaining my coworkers by singing a few songs at my desk. I don't mind getting laughed at for my vocal stylings, as long as I can bring a little joy to the newsroom.

Favorite way to spend a day off?
I spend my days off THINKING about cleaning my apartment, but mostly just golfing and hanging out with friends. I also put off doing chores by watching movies. Some of my favorites include The Big Lebowski, Wag the Dog, Uncle Buck and My Cousin Vinny. Although there are many, many more. In fact, once you get me started quoting movies, there is no stopping me.

Favorite food?
I don't consider myself a picky eater, I prefer 'simple eater'. My favorite food is pizza, without a doubt, and a simple pepperoni or sausage works great. If it's not pizza, steak and pasta work great too, and if you come in the newsroom on any given day you can find me eating a good old fashioned P & J sandwich.

Do you have a personal motto or quote that inspires you?
I have several quotes taped to my desk, my favorite is from Socrates, "But why, my dear Crito, should we care about the opinions of the many? Good men, and they are the only persons who are worth considering, will think of these things truly as they happened". Important advice for a journalist.

I may live in Wisconsin, but I'm still a loyal Minnesotan born and raised in Roseville. My parents live in the Twin Cities and I try to visit them as much as possible. I have two older brothers who used to beat me up daily when I was growing up. One brother is in New York, the other in Woodbury, MN. I have a nephew and will soon have a niece. Having grown up with all brothers, I'm isn’t sure how to handle a niece, maybe she'll let me off the hook and like soccer.

What do you like about your job?
I believe this is the best job in the world (I wrote that for my boss, who will read this). But seriously, what other job lets you be in the middle of every major event, and then tell people about it?