Jaymes Langrehr

Published On: Jul 31 2014 10:32:26 AM CDT

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Jaymes Langrehr

Jaymes grew up in West Salem. After graduating high school, he went to college at Hofstra University on Long Island, New York, where he graduated with honors with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. If you're going to learn about TV news, there aren't many places better to be in than New York.

After school, Jaymes returned to the La Crosse area and started at News 8 in June 2010 as floor crew on News 8 This Morning. He eventually became a director for News 8 at Noon and News 8 at 5, and after three years in the control room, he's back to his roots in the newsroom.

Favorite song?

Either "Santeria" by Sublime or "Jesus of Suburbia" by Green Day.

Favorite band?

The Black Keys, with Nirvana and Green Day rounding out the top three.

Favorite book?

If we're talking modern, it's "Fight Club" by Chuck Palahniuk. If it's one of the classics, it's "The Great Gatsby."

Do you have a personal motto or quote that inspires you?

"Just do what I do: hold tight and pretend it's a plan." -The Doctor

Favorite way to spend a day off?

Binge-watching Netflix while telling myself I should be doing something more productive.

What sports team are you a big fan of?

Baseball is my favorite sport, and I'll have the Brewers game on just about every night during the summer.

Pizza -- sausage, pepperoni or everything on it?

Everything but olives. Olives are the worst.

What do you like about your job?

No two days are alike, and every day is a clean slate. If yesterday was a good day, you start over and do it again. If yesterday was the worst day of your life, you get another chance today.