What is 2 Minute Take?

An entire two minute commercial break devoted to your business! The segment airs Monday-Friday on News 8 at 7:58 a.m. and 12:28 p.m. During the two minutes you have the opportunity to highlight as many topics or products as you’d like. 

How are the two minutes structured?

2 Minute Take follows a news interview approach, only you choose what you want to talk about. That means you can share information about your business, organization or event that’s not typically advertised.

Where is 2 Minute Take recorded? 

The segments are not live. They are taped in the News 8 studio and edited prior to airing. There’s also the option to record on location - at your office, showroom or anywhere!

Who benefits?

Both you and your customer! This style of advertising offers a personal way to connect with your audience. Explain, in detail, your products and services. Highlight upcoming events and special deals, too!