UNLV freshman making waves at age 14

Ke'Anre Blackston Jr. started doing multiplication at age 5

Published On: Nov 11 2013 08:04:24 AM CST   Updated On: Nov 11 2013 12:39:25 PM CST
UNLV freshman at 14

A freshman at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas is turning heads on campus -- because he's only 14 years old.

Ke'Andre Blackston Jr. is one of the youngest students in UNLV history.

Walking to theater class is routine for the teenager, who is majoring in theater. Answering the same question every day is also routine. Ke'Andre said other students ask about his age at least twice each day.

Ke'Andre said he's used to answering the question by now, but it's a little annoying. In his mind, he's one face in a sea of 3,700 freshmen.

"I feel like I fit in perfectly," he said.

His mom, Ceavaya Robinson, said her oldest son has never been just like everybody else. She said there's a reason her friends have been calling him Doogie Howser since he was a baby.

"By the time he was 5, [I] started teaching him multiplication and he was catching on," Robinson said.

She home-schooled her son for most of grade school because she said his regular classes were too easy.

At age 12, Ke'Andre wanted to try public school again, so he took a placement test that landed him in 11th grade.

Two years later, he was a UNLV Rebel.

"[I'm] very, very proud and it makes me nervous because he's still young," Robinson said. "He's still my baby."

Robinson added that the odds were stacked against her son from the beginning. She never graduated high school and said Ke'Andre's father had a difficult past, too.

Those are more reasons the theater major keeps pushing his limits.

"They expect me to excel at every single thing I do," Ke'Andre said. "I think they forget, I'm normal and I might mess up."

He said making friends in college has been easy, adding most students don't care that he's not old enough to drive, go to the bars or live on campus.

For now he's focused on graduating and moving to New York to follow his dreams of becoming a famous rapper or actor.

According to UNLV, the oldest student enrolled at the school this semester is 77. The oldest graduate in history was 88 years old.