It's bad enough watching your favorite team get trounced, but watching your favorite team get trounced while the cameras focus on some smarmy Hollywood superstar in the front row rooting for the team that's delivering the trouncing is downright infuriating.

Shouldn't they be acting or singing or saving underprivileged children in a third world country?

And even when they aren't rooting against your team, they're in seats that would cost you eight months salary. They show up late, leave early, and don't know the difference between LeBron James and Kevin James.

Not all celebrity sports fans, however, are publicity hound, front runners. Some are actual fans.

Here are five famous celebrity sports fanatics that, although infuriating, are at least actual fans and true to their teams.

Jack Nicholson

No. 5: Jack Nicholson - Los Angeles Lakers

Young Lakers' fans have never heard of "Easy Rider" or "The Shining." They think Jack Nicholson's some old, rich dude who happens to love the Lakers.

His legendary Laker fandom has set the standard for celebrities, as evidenced by this unsubstantiated rumor:

Controversy ruled the day after the Lakers defeated the Sacramento Kings in game six of the 2002 Western Conference Finals. Blown call after blown call -- all mysteriously favoring the Lakers -- led to cries of bribery, conspiracy and fraud throughout the basketball world.

It wasn't a stretch for die-hard Laker fans to conjure up another possibility: Namely that Nicholson took an ax to the referee's dressing room 14 minutes before tip off, stuck his head through the wood, and threatened to bludgeon the officials with a hatchet if the Lakers lost.

Again, no truth to that scenario, but don't you just want it to be true.

Inasmuch as Nicholson rules L.A. basketball, the next celebrity rules New York ...

Spike Lee at 2012 Knicks game

No. 4: Spike Lee - New York Knicks

When not causing a stir with his sometimes controversial movies and often-even-more controversial quotes, Spike Lee can be seen harassing opposing players in the front row of New York Knicks' games.

His reputation as basketball/trash-talking aficionado bloomed after his role as Mars Blackmon in Nike commercials alongside Michael Jordan in the late '80s.

As his beloved Knicks became a contender for the title, Lee became involved in a trash-talking war with Indiana Pacer star Reggie Miller, who proceeded to torch the Knicks on a consistent basis.

The most famous of said torchings came during game 5 of the 1995 Eastern Conference finals, in which Miller scored 25 points in the fourth quarter and taunted the diminutive Lee after every made basket. The verbal banter reached its climax as Miller flashed Spike the choke sign while an emasculated Lee looked on in bewilderment.

Of course, the next celebrity knows a little about teams that choke too ...

Drew Carey at 2012 soccer match

No. 3: Drew Carey - Cleveland Browns/Indians/Cavaliers

Drew Carey threw out the ceremonial first pitch and was honored by the Cleveland Indians in August of 2006 with Drew Carey bobblehead night.

He was later named the greatest Cleveland Indians' fan alive, beating out the Indians' other 16 fans.

As if being honored by a horrible baseball team weren't enough, Carey was the master of ceremonies at the night the Cleveland Browns (allegedly) returned to the NFL in the fall of 1999. The team honored him by losing 43-0 to the arch rival Pittsburgh Steelers. They've followed that beating with numerous years of futility, making the playoffs only once, as a wild card in 2002, and losing to, you guessed it, the Steelers.