Paris Hilton, The Hottie and the Nottie

No. 2: Jessica Simpson/Britney Spears/Jennifer Lopez/Paris Hilton

When it comes to these ladies, it is hard to pick the worst big screen offender.

There sometimes seems to be a trend in entertainment where singers want to be actors and actors want to be singers. This fits Simpson, Lopez and Spears, as all are pop stars that transitioned from singing to making less-than-stellar films.

Paris Hilton is similar, but she still seems to be famous without having accomplished a great deal in the entertainment world.

As is the case with many other actors and actresses throughout entertainment history, people like these ladies draw fans to theaters because of their media presence. However, they would hardly be described as believable actresses who create wonderful films.

Still, there is one man who probably receives more criticism than anyone else when it comes to movie performances ...

Keanu Reeves, Point Break

No. 1: Keanu Reeves

It isn't as if Keanu is trying to be a poor actor. For whatever reason, Reeves has just come across as someone who is unable to convince the audience of his acting ability.

Keanu is selling, but no one is buying.

Perhaps it was his goofy portrayal of Ted "Theodore" Logan in "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" or his forced performance as FBI agent Johnny Utah in "Point Break."

Reeves has been a part of many commercially successful films including "The Matrix" franchise, but there are enough films that make him appear to be extremely uncomfortable as an actor.

Few films illustrated this more than the Shakespearean film "Much Ado About Nothing," where he stumbles his way through the portrayal of character Don John. It probably isn't Keanu's fault, but for some reason he just doesn't come across as believable on the silver screen.