Matt Salinger (the second-in-command jock jerk in "Revenge of the Nerds") stars as Steve Rogers, a frail WWII-era volunteer who becomes lab enhanced super-soldier Captain America in order to battle Nazi abomination the Red Skull.

Despite a fairly decent stable of actors to support him (including Ronny Cox, Ned Beatty and Michael Nouri), "Captain America" is doomed by its unbelievably bad B-movie atmosphere and laughable visual effects. Trust us, you're better off watching Chris Evans in the newer version.

Honestly, the 1990 "Captain America" is almost too painful to watch. But even this superhero bomb wasn't as bad as the final movie on our list ...

Batman and Robin movie image

No. 1: "Batman and Robin" (1997)

"Batman and Robin" is so bad that star George Clooney was happy to admit that the ruined franchise.

In all fairness to George, it was not ENTIRELY his fault, but his mugging turn as Batman/Bruce Wayne certainly didn't help. A heap of the responsibility falls on director Joel Schumacher, a usually reliable filmmaker who simply got too caught up in the film's spectacle.

After director Tim Burton made blockbusters out of the first and second chapters, Schumacher took the helm and made a respectable third film with "Batman Forever." But at the same time, every Hollywood headline-grabber HAD to have a role in a Batman film, and by the time "Batman and Robin" came out, the series became overcrowded with a "who's-who" in Hollywood cast.

Overacted and underwhelming, the film can only described, charitably, as an embarrassment.