Val Kilmer, Then Now

No. 2: Val Kilmer

Throughout the '80s and '90s, Val Kilmer was absolutely dreamy. He made his name to fame in 1986's "Top Gun", but there were plenty of movies before it that showed not only that his good looks, but also his acting skill.

Not the least of his accomplishments was to play Bruce Wayne/Batman in 1995's "Batman Forever." But, like so many others on this list, his fame peaked and started to nosedive. True, his slide was a lot slower than others', but he still tanked.

A few years ago, time caught up with him, and really started packing on the pounds.

Lately, the former Adonis appears to have spiked more donut holes than volleyballs on a Pensacola beach. These days, Iceman looks less like the Lizard King and more like a post-sex change Chas Bono.