WINONA, Minn. (WKBT) -

Nick Arenz only needed to visit one school before deciding on Winona State.

"Just figured I'd fit in well here, and I have so far. It's been good," he said.

Arenz helped lead Onalaska to the 2012 state title, then played one season at Division I UW-Green Bay.

"Just wasn't a good fit for me, where the program was really going."

Arenz was one of four players to leave the Phoenix program last Spring in the wake of allegations against Head Coach Brian Wardle. A former player accused him of verbal and emotional mistreatment.

"Seeing some of that happen, I just kind of let it go past me," Arenz said. "I didn't think anything of it. I didn't really know what did happen and what didn't happen. I still don't know what happened and what really didn't happen. With me and Wardle, we had a good relationship and all the assistants, too and I appreciate the opportunity they gave me and I made sure they knew I was very thankful for the year and everything they gave me for that year."

Arenz said the biggest reason for leaving was a lack of playing time. So far, he's averaging six points a game for WSU, and that's only likely to increase.

"I don't regret anything going [to UW-GB], and I miss it a little bit, but I mean, it's good being somewhere where I can play a little bit more and fit in a little bit better."

Wardle was cleared of most wrongdoing.