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UW-L men's tennis celebrates five-year mark

June marks five years since baseball, men's tennis nearly dropped

UW-L men's tennis celebrates five-year mark

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Come June, it will be five years since UW-La Crosse announced it would drop both baseball and men's tennis as varsity sports. And come June, it will be five years of continued success for both programs.

In June 2009, the Eagles men's tennis team learned it would need to raise $40,000 in order to play the following season. With some hard work by the team (and some generous donors) they raised the funds. In addition, the tennis team also needed to raise five years of advance funding to ensure its longevity.

"[We're] coming up on five years but we're still doing pretty well financially," UW-La Crosse Men's Tennis Coach Bill Hehli said. "We have a number of years into the future that we're safe, I guess. At some point, it will need to be re-addressed, but right now we're in good shape."

The Eagles are in good shape on the court, as well. They're a combined 66-33 over the last four seasons. This year, they're 14-6. That includes an upset win over No. 20 UW-Eau Claire Friday night.

"It was a good win. They're always tough. In the past few years, we usually lose to them but it was good. Everyone played well and we're hot at the right time in conference," said senior Peter Stadum.

"I think everything's been going well. We got a lot of good guys coming back next year"

The Eagles baseball team is also in good shape, five years removed from that sad day in June 2009. UW-L entered into a partnership with the Loggers, whereby the Loggers make an annual donation to support UW-L baseball and the Eagles help raise money to cover the improvements to Copeland Park.

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