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Toole brothers on similar path

ONALASKA, WI - Mike and Joyce Diveley thought they were done hosting Loggers. But they changed their minds when they found out a familiar face would be playing in La Crosse.

After hosting Justin Toole during the 2007 and 2008 seasons, the Diveleys just knew they had to say yes to hosting his younger brother Eric in 2013.

"We agreed to do it one more time because we knew what we were getting into," said Joyce. "It's pretty hard to say no to that," added Mike.

With the Diveley family came a lot of familiarity for Eric.

"I came up here to visit my brother twice both summers ,so I got to know Mike and Joyce really well and we used to joke around, 'Hey I'm going to to be up here and I want you guys to be my host family,' but we didn't actually think it was going to come true.

"I kind of remembered the place from when my brother came here and he kind of showed us around and moving into a house I already knew, it helped out a lot."

"The first day he said, oh I know how to get to the field, so I think that made it a bit easier for him," said Joyce.

Maybe even more thrilled than Eric were his parents.


"They knew they (Mike and Joyce) were great people and they treated Justin really well, so they were happy about me coming up and staying with them," said Eric.

She (Eric's mother) texts me and we keep in contact and she did say, 'I just can't thank you enough for taking care of my boys," said Joyce.

The Toole brothers are similar sharing the same summer home. But Mike and Joyce quickly realized the two act quite differently.'

"Justin is more talkative, a deep thinker, philosophical, analyzing a lot of stuff," said Joyce. "Eric is just more, 'ehhh we'll so how it goes and everything will be fine."

Differences aside, the Diveleys are happy they decided to host just one more Logger.

"It's tough when they leave and its a change," said Joyce.

"They're good solid young men and wherever they end up in life they're going to be a success," said Mike.

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