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Preseason practices to postseason hosts, WIAA makes football changes

Eight-player football could soon have Tournament Series

STEVENS POINT, Wis. - The WIAA Board of Control on Wednesday approved a few football measures.

The Board approved an acclimatization plan that defines mandatory protocol for length and scheduling of pre-season and in-season practices.

It will now take longer for a team to have it's first full padded practice. The new guidelines say teams can only have players wear helmets and mouth guards for the first two days of practices. Shoulder pads can then be worn for days three through five.

A team will be allowed to first use full equipment on the sixth day of pre-season practice. (Click here for complete football acclimatization information)

Another change comes in regards to who hosts postseason games. The higher seed will now get to host all games through Level 3. Teams that hadn't yet hosted a game received precedence over seed in the old format.

Running clock guidelines have been modified. With mutual consent of the participating coaches, point differentials of 35 points or more can trigger a running clock at the start of the second quarter.

Eight-player football could soon see it's own Tournament Series. The Board approves a 16-team playoff one year following 30 or more programs sponsoring eight-player teams. 21 WIAA schools played eight-player football in 2013. They currently end the season with a jamboree.

Also approved on Wednesday was the first consideration of a plan to move Wonewoc-Center from the Scenic Bluffs to the Ridge and Valley for football only, effective in 2015.

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