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Phillips and Stave lead QB competition

Both started games in 2012

MADISON, Wis. - It's safe to say redshirt sophomore quarterback Joel Stave and sixth year senior Curt Phillips both came into the spring with a leg up on their competition for the starting quarterback job. They both played last year. And now that spring is winding down, they won't admit it and nothing is official, but the job is clearly between those two.

"I don't know, I mean I think both of us do a pretty good job of not trying to look over our shoulder," says Phillips. "Obviously we're in kind of a unique situation where we have multiple quarterbacks that can win games."

"It's not my decision," adds Stave. "I'm just trying to compete everyday and make sure I'm getting better at what I'm doing."

As if competing for the starting job isn't enough, Stave and Phillips are scrambling to learn a new offense, from a new coaching staff, installing a completely new system.


"Initially, it may be frustrating trying to learn, like you said, this is our third offense in three years. But at the same time, I think it's an advantage for us having already done it last year," says Phillips.

Redshirt senior wide receiver Jared Abbrederis says a lot has been thrown at all the quarterbacks.

"It's kind of a learning process, when you bring the new coaches in, we got the new offense and things like that. But I think they've both been doing really good, being consistent. Obviously everybody has their off days, but for the most part I think they've done a good job."

Fans will pay attention to Saturday's Spring Game to see which quarterback comes out on top, however this competition will likely last all the way through fall camp.

"Knowing there's somebody nipping on your heels, that always makes it more fun and that much more exciting to go out and compete everyday," says Phillips.

And a potential starting quarterback for the upcoming season isn't even in Madison yet. Junior college transfer Tanner McEvoy will join the team this summer.

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