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MVC, Coulee, SWC conferences propose dissolving SWC

LA CROSSE, Wis. - The Mississippi Valley, Coulee, and Southwest Wisconsin Conferences (SWC) agreed to propose to the WIAA that the SWC be dissolved, according to MVC Commissioner Terry Erickson.

"I really think you're going to see some changes," Erickson said.

Representatives from the three conferences met Monday night in La Crosse. Prairie du Chien expressed interest in leaving the SWC in October, partly due to scheduling difficulties. The MVC has long expressed interest in adding an eighth member.

"We want to improve competition in the MVC and Coulee, and hopefully have every school be competitive," Erickson said.


Six schools currently comprise the SWC: Dodgeville, Lancaster, Platteville, Prairie du Chien, Richland Center, and River Valley. If the conference is dissolved, the schools would likely migrate to conferences east and north. This would have huge implications not just on the MVC and Coulee, but on conferences across the state, including the Southwest Wisconsin Athletic Conference.

There is more than one proposal as to how to integrate those schools, one of which includes creating a 12-team football conference with a north and south division. Erickson, however, said this is unlikely because the WIAA is not keen on the idea of a football-only league. Another proposal includes either Prairie du Chien or West Salem moving to the MVC in all sports.

MVC, SWC, and Coulee Conference representatives will send their proposal to the WIAA this month and hope to have a response by early January. The proposed changes could take effect as soon as fall, 2014.

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