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Logan looks to continue playoff success

Logan Looks to Continue Playoff Success

LA CROSSE, Wis. - When it comes to recent playoff success in our area, Logan has been at the top. The Rangers have won three playoff games each of the last two seasons.

On day one of practice on Tuesday, it was the same message given to a new team

"Last year is behind us," said head coach Casey Knoble to his team. "This is your team, this is your expectations. What do you want to get out of this year?"

"He wants us all just to work hard, do it for the seniors, do it for yourself. And you only got three or four years of football so take them wisely," said senior wide receiver Aric Elmore.

With Mitch Schreiner gone, it's a four-way battle for the starting quarterback job. Two of the guys competing are brothers - John and Matt Kind.

"I just heard John talk to Matt and say, don't think about it so much, Matt. And that was just about bending over and picking up a ball. So, they give each other a little here and there, but they're good," said Knoble.

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