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"I've done things other girls wish they could do"

Haley Dutton tries out for West Salem's football team

WEST SALEM, Wis. - At first, Haley Dutton is hard to find.

"Ever since I was little, I loved watching it, just the idea. I told my dad one day, I'm going to try it and I guess I just stuck with it," Dutton said.

Dutton, a sophomore at West Salem, is trying out for the Panthers football team as a tight end.

"My major goal is to be in a varsity game."

She played on the freshman team last season.

"It was scary last year," Dutton said. "I remember I was scared just to go in the conference room and sit down."

One year later, however, not only is she more comfortable, but she's just another player to the rest of the team.

"The guys from last year, they know I'm here and they know what I can do."


"The guys have brought her in just like she's any other player and she works hard," said West Salem Head Coach Wayne Sackett.

"It's hard," Dutton said. "Sometimes I have to work twice as hard. Guys sometimes are twice as big but I get in there and work."
"She's hungry," added Sackett.

It's been a lot of work, but now there's nothing blocking Dutton from achieving her childhood dream.

"I'm one with the team," she said. "I've done things other girls wish they could do. I feel proud."

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