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Group aims to make lacrosse big in PdC

PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, Wis. - A couple enthusiasts in Praire du Chien are taking their shot at reviving the country's oldest team sport.

Kurt Kravchuk lives in PdC and said he didn't know much about lacrosse until his son wanted to play. Now, his son is a freshman at PdC High School. He's hoping to start a team there, and is holding a clinic Saturday to create interest.

"It's just getting them out and getting the stick in their hands," Kravchuk said. "It's foregin to them, they don't know that its truly America's first sport and we thought we'd have several teams come and play this Saturday and hold a clinic to teach our area youth. So, on Saturday, we'll have kids five and up that will learn about the sport, pick up the stick and hopefully never put it down."

The clinic is Saturday, April 27 from 11:45-1 at St. Feriole Island Park in PdC.


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