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Eckelberg family in national sponsorship competition

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Curt, Jon and Mandi Eckelberg are gunning for a top prize of $50,000.

Champion spark plugs is holding a nationwide contest to find drivers that win on the track, and inspire off of it.

The Eckelbergs are the definition of a racing family. Curt has competed at the speedway since 1988. His son Jon joined him on the late models circuit last summer and his daugher Mandi competes in the sportsmen division.

"It's a really unique and cool opportunity because not many people can say their entire family competes in the same sport, so that's something that we can do, and it's a really big bonding experience for us," Jonathan said.

The competition is based on online votes, inspirational quality and a homemade video defining what it means to be a champion. For the Eckelbergs, family is a big part of that definition. Their entry defines the word as being true to yourself, loving your family and dedication to the fans and sport of racing.

"We're just a small town family coming from a small town track," Mandi said. "We want to get our name out there, get our track's name out there."

"[This entry] was something we put together as a family," said Curt. "Jonathan and his fiance Amy came up with the idea or found it on the internet. We decided to put a clip together. It would mean a lot to our family, sponsor-wise and it's something we did as a family."

Voting for Round One of the Champion competition ends on February 2.

You can view the Eckelberg's video and vote for their team here.

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