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Central vs. Logan: Playoff history

LA CROSSE, Wis. - "It's pretty big," said Logan running back David Hellerud.

"It's just really unique to our area," said Logan Activities Director Steve Hole.

"For a lot of people in this area, it's everything," said Logan Head Coach Casey Knoble.

"Two sides of the city really going at it, kind of a pride factor," said Central quarterback Dan Callahan.

It's Logan versus Central. And for the first time ever, they're playing each other in the playoffs.


"You think about the history of Central and Logan, and when they first started playing games back in the early 1900's, and to think that this is the first time they've played in a playoff game, I guess that is a pretty special thing to be thinking about," said Central Activities Director Joe Beran.

"That's amazing, it's never happened before," Knoble said.

Central and Logan first played one another way back in 1928. Logan wasn't nicknamed the Rangers. Central wasn't even located at Central.

Over 85 years, the two schools have played one another 86 times. That means they've faced each other twice in a season only once before: 1974.

"In 1974, what happened is both Central and Logan were part of a six team Big Rivers conference," Beren said. "From what I have been told, because of the economy and the cost of travel back then, the conference decided that week nine, they would play a second time within the conference. It was kind of a rivalry type week."

Normally, Central and Logan play for the ark of victory. But the ark is not on the line on Friday night.

"We would certainly love it to be on the line," Beren said. "But that is a regular season traveling trophy, so no, that will not be on the line."

"That ship has sailed. That ark has sailed. That ark is where it belongs and it's going to stay there," Hole said. "Maybe make a little paper ark or something, a replica, just in case they would beat us. That can be their ark."

Ark or no Ark...what will happen on Swanson Field Friday night will be historic in this 85-year rivalry.

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