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Central player enjoys success after battling anxiety, depression

Shianne Fair is now a leader on the team

Central player enjoys success after battling anxiety, depression

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - A little over a year ago, Shianne Fair was having fun.

"A lot of fun," the Central senior said.

She was playing big minutes on varsity as a junior, until she decided it was best not to keep playing.

"I quit basketball because I had personal issues and I had to figure out on my own how to get through it," Fair said. "I could tell it was bringing down the team."

Within the span of just a few months, Fair was diagnosed with both anxiety disorder and depression.

"It was probably the worst experience ever. I was always sad, and then worrying about things, those two together, were just not what you want."

On top of that, one of six children, Fair said she worries about taking care of her younger brother.

"I have to make sure he goes to school. That's what I'm worried about, him getting to school. I have to make sure he's up and get him ready and stuff like that. Teenage boy does not listen to me at all."

Quitting the team wasn't easy, but one year off made all the difference."

"She was going through some pretty dark stuff," said Central Girls Basketball Coach Nahmie George. "It's nice to see her, the difference between her last year and this year, has been really night and day."

Fair has emerged as a leader on the team, and once again, she's having fun.

"I'm just really happy that I could get over it and overcome it," Fair said. "And I'm happy now that I know people are here to help me, I can get through it."

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