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Born to ride

Sophia Marchiando was born to ride.

"I've been riding a bike since I could walk, it was like a father daughter thing. And then I started racing mountain bikes when I was 7."

She moved from the mountains of Breckenridge Colorado, to the bluffs of the Coulee Region. Her current home allows her to train on steep slopes, an advantage she has over her competition.

"Racing in Wisconsin, its flat everywhere except here, so I feel what I have here is a great advantage."

That leg-up has helped her roll into collegiate cycling at Ripon College.

"I never thought in a million years that I would be racing at the collegiate level. The sad thing is it's not a cycling scholarship because its only Division two, but my cycling definately did help to get me there because that was the only reason the school found me."


Its not unusual for Sophia to be noticed on her bike. Just ask her prom date.

"My prom date actually races with me, so we decided it would be fun to hop on our bikes for a couple of pictures."

"It was interesting. I was borrowing a friends dress so I was trying not to get bike grease on it or rip it, but when got to Riverside i noticed I had bike grease on my nylons...but I'm used to it."

Sophia hopes that cycling can take her all over the world, possibly even to the Olympics. But her biggest goal is to help grow the sport that she loves.

"What I really want to see are more women riding, more younger people racing, or just riding.  Me and my dad try to promote it as much as we can."

"Even if you're not competitive, its a great way to exercise and have fun. It's been so great for me."

From Colorado, to the Coulee Region, and now to Ripon College, Sophia Marchiando will keep on rolling.

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