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A family legacy on the Logan football team

Brothers Johnny, Matt Kind follow in footsteps of their dad, Ron

Family Legacy on Logan Football Team

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - The Logan football team features a family legacy.

"It's actually the first year we have ever played on a football field together," said senior quarterback Johnny Kind.

Actually, it's the only year Johnny will share the varsity field with his brother, Matt.

"I like to pick on him a little bit," Johnny said.

"I'm faster than him, so I'll take that," said Matt, a defensive back.

But they might not be the fastest in the family. That might be their dad: Ron Kind.

"I think he's still got some wheels, but we can take him now," Johnny said.

Before being elected to Congress, the 1981 Logan grad was a standout quarterback at Logan High School.

"The inter-city games were a lot of fun," Ron said. "There was a lot of jawing back and forth all year long with players at Central and Aquinas and then when the games arrived, that's what you really lived for."

Now, his two sons are starting for the Rangers.

"This is a sport I love to play, and to watch the boys get so much enjoyment and fun out of playing football, it's good to see."

From father to son, Johnny said he takes advice from his dad about playing quarterback.

"He'll pick out some spots where he's like, you know what you should've done here, you should've done a quick slant or a fade, or something just by the way the [defensive back is] playing on him," Johnny said.

But the biggest advice that hits home for Johnny and Matt: cherish the season, the way their parents will from the stands.

"He's always talking, did you hear me on the sidelines last game? We're like, no dad, we were playing the game! He's like, well, I was yelling, I was cheering for you! We're like thanks, that's great," Matt said with a smile.

"He tells us, really look forward to these high school days," Johnny said. "Don't rush through it because it's a good time."

In the interest of fairness, News 8 contacted Ron Kind's challenger in November, Tony Kurtz. He said he was fine with News 8 doing the story. Kurtz said it is always great to see any strong family bond between a father and his children.

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