Winona State

WSU hopes for 'Education Village' funding in next legislative session

Winona State project will consolidate College of Education buildings into one area of campus, honor teaching history

Officials Hoping for Phase 2 Construction Funding

WINONA, Minn. (WKBT) - Progress continues to be made on an ambitious project at Winona State University.

Construction on phase one of Winona State's "Education Village" is almost done.

The project will consolidate all of the university's School of Education buildings into one area of campus by renovating existing historic buildings in the area. Right now, the Education buildings are scattered across campus.

College of Education Dean Tarrell Portman says preserving the area's rich history in education is a big part of the project.

"It's a good stewardship project, we're not starting from the ground up, we're taking the history and integrating modern features for 21st century classrooms into a site that has historical significance overall," said Portman.

Phase one of the project should wrap up by the spring.

The university is still waiting for funding from the state of Minnesota to start phase two of the project. Officials are hopeful lawmakers can come to an agreement on a bonding bill in their next session in January that would provide that funding.

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