In a press release, the WIAA calls it "of the most significant amendments to the Constitution proposed in years."

Next month, a vote will take place whether to pass a 1.65 enrollment multiplier at all private, religious and independent schools for tournament placement. In other words, for the purpose of tournament division placement, private schools would see an artificial increase to their enrollment.

For example, Aquinas' enrollment would be boosted from 338 to 558 (338 x 1.65). Football would jump up two divisions; basketball would remain in division three. (An enrollment of 600 is currently the cutoff for division two.)

Luther's enrollment would increase from 266 to 439 (266 x 1.65). The Knights would see a one-division jump in both football and basketball.

This is only a proposed amendment. The vote takes place April 16th at the WIAA Annual Meeting.