Viterbo player's recovery from torn ACL puzzles doctors

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Viterbo guard Izac Sheforgen is working his way back into the starting lineup. The fifth-year senior scored his 1,000th career point Friday night, and is recovering from a major injury he suffered just six weeks ago.

"I came down in a fast break and did a jump stop move and just, I felt something hyper-extend," he said.

"Izac is a really aggressive player and he is kind of reckless in a way, and I just thought it was one of those reckless moments where sometimes he'll come out of a huddle limping it off," Viterbo Men's Basketball Coach Wayne Wagner said.

He played the rest of practice, then saw a doctor.

"They said I had torn my ACL," Sheforgen said. "So I thought OK, I tore it. I'm done playing basketball for the rest of my career, because this is my senior year."

"It was a pretty disheartening moment," Wagner said. "I don't think anyone's put in as much time as Izac, and this was it."

Except, it wasn't. After a few weeks of physical therapy, he returned to the court. His recovery has doctors puzzled.

"You're technically supposed to have surgery and most people who do tear their ACLs do have surgery, but the doctors said since it was my senior year, and I had no chance of red-shirting because I did that my freshman year, that they have allowed people to come back and play."

"When I saw him a couple weeks later, some of the fitness training stuff he was doing, I couldn't believe it," Wagner said. "I didn't even ask questions."

Someone should. How is this possible?

"They don't really know. There's no explanation. Maybe I was born without one?"

Whatever it is, it's bought Izac more time on the court.

"I haven't in 15 years had as disheartening a situation as a fifth-year guy where basically his season was going to be over, his career was going to be done, and then to have this happen, now to have him having a shot to make it all go again, it's just been a blessing really," said Wagner.

"From a month and a half ago, pretty much thinking my career was over, to being here today, I'm a pretty lucky guy," Sheforgen said.

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