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Parents, UW-L chancellor respond to financial aid proposal

President's proposal would rate colleges

LA CROSSE, WI - Like a lot of high school juniors, Natalie Grande is indecisive when it comes to college choices.
"I was leaning more towards engineering and architecture, but now I think I'm leaning towards business... but some days I just want to be an orthodontist," Grande said of potential school majors she's considering.

Unlike a lot of high school juniors, she's been thinking about it for quite some time.

"I think I've toured a total of 6 colleges," she said.


Natalie and her mom, Robin Sweet, toured the UW-La Crosse campus Thursdayin the hopes of finding the right fit for them. That fit includes tuition costs and access to financial aid.

"I would love to look at financial aid, unfortunately, from all our friends who have run it, everytime they do it, it's more of an exercise in paperwork than it's been an exercise in productivity," said Sweet.

 President Barack Obama announced a proposal Thursday that would rate colleges based on affordability and graduation rates and award them higher federal aid.

"I think when the president's system is enacted, if colleges are rated by affordability, we will come out very well," said UW-La Crosse Chancellor Joe Gow.

 Gow added UW-L measures well in both graduation rates and affordability, making it the model college for a high federal rating.

If Natalie ultimately chooses UW-L as her college destination, more federal funding is one option she won't be indecisive on.

"We welcome any strategies that the government can offer," her mother said.

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