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Dumpster Diversion collects and donates college students' unwanted items

LA CROSSE, Wis. - With college graduation, comes the flood of students moving out of the dorms and apartments in neighborhoods surrounding the college campuses in La Crosse.   

With the big move, comes piles of unwanted items that usually end up on the curb.

That's why Dumpster Diversion, organized by UW-La Crosse students and local landlords, was in full force on Saturday.

It's an effort to collect students' unwanted items and donate them to Goodwill and the Salvation Army instead of seeing them go to waste.

Teams are set up at UW-La Crosse and on West Avenue near Taco Bell.

Event organizer Andrew Londre said it's not only a good way to reuse items, but it also keeps the neighborhoods looking good.

"For like a month out of the year neighborhoods looked really bad because of these big piles of stuff that students were getting rid of, but what we found was a lot of that stuff is actually things that could be donated and could be used by somebody else or recycled," said Londre.

Dumpster Diversion will also be going on next weekend on May 17.

The teams will be set up at the same locations as they were on Saturday.

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