Ty Majeski in national sponsorship competition

La Crosse Speedway racer touts on and off track experiences

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Best depiction of a champion. Inspiration quality.

Ty Majeski believes his personal racing story can help him win valuable sponsorship dollars.

Champion spark plugs is holding a nationwide contest to find a driver that wins on the track, and inspires off of it. Votes the driver receives is also part of the winning equation.

Always a Champion - Click here to view Ty Majeski's entry and vote

Drivers submit a two-minute video as to why they believe they should be a Champion-sponsored driver. Grand prize winner gets a $50,000 sponsorship. 15 additional entries will win $5,000 sponsorships.

Majeski reflects back on his 2013 season out at the La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway to show he is a winner. He bounced back from a wrecked car to win the NASCAR Late Model Feature over Oktoberfest Weekend as well as winning two of the three segments in the Dick Trickle 99.

"I'm just blessed to be surrounded by some great people here. I can't say enough about them. They do a really good job. For that car to of been through what it did, I mean, it was in rough shape, and for them to have put it back together and have it hit the track and never miss a beat was pretty impressive."

While competing at a go-kart race a few years back Ty met Lonnie Jepson and his son Lewis.

Lonnie has ALS and is bound to a wheelchair. Ty began helping Lewis and made sure he not only had a running and a competetive go-kart to go racing with.

"Lewis was only 11 or 12 at the time and was doing all of this on his own, and I just took it upon myself, went over there and just started helping out. They were struggling, running in the back of the pack, and I helped him out, and by the end of the first season helping them, they were a contender  for the win each week."

Voting for Round 1 of the Champion competition ends on February 2.

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