Perkins is the hometown All-Star

Perkins is the hometown All-Star

MINNEAPOLIS - "That's been weighing on me for a year now."

With Glen Perkins' excitement of a 2013 All-Star selection, also came the pressure of making the Midsummer Classic again in 2014.

"Being at the one last year, it was a lot of fun and I couldn't imagine how much more fun it would be at Target Field."

The Stillwater, Minnesota native knew the significance of playing in the All-Star game hosted by his home state. When his manager Ron Gardenhire was told Perkins would once again be an All-Star, he wasted little time passing along the big news.

"I knew where he was at. I knew how tense this was," said Gardenire who will serve as a coach on the American League staff on Tuesday.

"So you just want to kind of relieve the pressure a little bit and let him go about his business. So when I called him in and told him he took a big sigh, he was definitely really excited but he took a deep breath. We knew how much it was weighing on his mind."

Now that he's made the team, Perkins is out to make this a memorable couple of days.

"I was at the one last year and enjoyed that but I think I want to enjoy this one more than I enjoyed that one."

If his number gets called on Tuesday night, it would be his first appearance playing in an All-Star game. He was an unused member of the American League bullpen for the 2013 game.

"First and foremost for me is making sure I have fun and I'm sure everybody else will have fun, I'm not too worried about it."

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