Redskins' RG3 looking for 'more routine' Week 2

ASHBURN, Va. (AP) — Robert Griffin III had an eight-month buildup to Week 1, contributing to much of the hype himself with his rehab-focused commercial and documentary.

There's only a one-week buildup to Week 2. And maybe that's for the best.

After a rusty, uneven performance that helped make Week 1 such a letdown, it's on to Sunday's game against the Green Bay Packers. There won't be a flashy entrance for Griffin at Lambeau Field. No making a spectacle of himself by pounding the turf three times with both fists and running 100 yards with the Redskins flag during the lineup introductions.

And there's the relief that his surgically repaired right knee feels fine.

"Everyone was excited about it. ... The fact of the matter is we went through a hard offseason this year, not just me but this team," Griffin said Wednesday. "And to get out of that game healthy, to move forward to the next week, I think that's a big load off everybody's shoulders."

Griffin said this will be a "more routine" week, with the team seeking to fix the mistakes that doomed the 33-27 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. In theory, the top item on the agenda has already been accomplished: Griffin needed some live game action after sitting the preseason because of the knee. Perhaps that's one reason he played better in the second half, although stats can be deceiving when trying to make up a 26-point deficit.

"I didn't expect us to go out there and look phenomenal. This is the guy's first game," receiver Santana Moss said. "You have to take a couple of bumps and bruises for him to get his rhythm, and once he got his rhythm, then I said 'OK, this is just a start.' Every week he's going to get better. We're going to get better because we're going to have more time together to mesh.

"You can practice sharp and crisp and everything, but if you don't go out there and play in a live game where live bullets are flying at you, then you won't know how to really take it, so I'm glad he got a game under his belt."

Griffin declined to cite the layoff for his first two-interception game as a pro, saying he's not one to make excuses. He also said those finding fault with his mechanics are looking with a biased eye because he's coming off an injury.

"You can always improve your mechanics," Griffin said. "There's going to be times when you're in the pocket and you have to make an off-balance throw. You've just got to do that. ... If I make a bad throw coming off of an injury, it's 'my mechanics' and 'I'm not driving off of my back leg.' But if a healthy quarterback makes a bad throw, it's just a bad throw. I understand that. There's just stuff you have to just not look at.

"You know when your technique is sound, you know how you throw the ball, and you know what you have to do if you make a bad throw. You fix those things in practice, you fix them in the game, and that's what we're going to do."

Physically, Griffin said he has "typical soreness from getting hit," but that his knee feels fine.

"I passed the hit test, got hit a lot," he said. "I got hit every kind of way, too. I think that's another huge relief for everybody, the coaches, players, myself."

Griffin didn't run much against the Eagles, and he didn't have a single carry in the zone-read, the scheme that helped make him the NFL's Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2012. He has made it known he wants to be more of a passing quarterback, and he said his amount of carries will "just depends on what the defense gives us."

Griffin has tried to quash the perceived tension between him and coach Mike Shanahan, which surfaced during training camp when the two disagreed over the quarterback's participation in practice. He kept up his new coach-is-the-boss theme when taking about Monday's game.

"We were just sloppy as an offense," Griffin said. "We made our coaches look bad on a national stage."

Notes: S Brandon Meriweather (groin), who missed Monday's game, was a full participant in Wednesday's practice. ... Limited were DL Chris Baker (stomach illness) and CB David Amerson (back).

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