Packers relish new role: underdogs

GREEN BAY, Wis. - Last year, the Packers rested during the first round of the playoffs and had a home game in the Divisional round. This year, they missed out on a first round bye and will fly cross country for the Divisional round.

The 49ers are three-point favorites in Saturday's game, meaning the Packers are underdogs. It's an unfamiliar position for a team that has won two straight NFC North titles.

"That always gives us more motivation to go out there and play harder," cornerback Sam Shields said.

"They say it's a little advantage," cornerback Casey Hayward said. "Last yea,r they got on a slow roll coming out of a bye week so hopefully they have a little of a slow roll too."

"They gave us our first loss, so we want to try to get that back and keep moving forward. We are getting closer and closer to the goal, as that comes energy and anticipation builds," said wide receiver Jordy Nelson.

"They beat us week one fair and square," wide receiver James Jones said. "We had four quarters to get the job done and we didn't. We get an extra four coming so hopefully we get the job done this time."
Friday, the Packers will have a couple of meetings in the morning as well as a walk-through for the defense and offense. Then, they have a 12:45 PM flight to San Francisco.

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