Packers playoffs gives La Crosse economy a boost

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Thousands of fans will head to Lambeau Field Sunday to cheer on the green and gold, but here in La Crosse local businesses are hoping the Packers game will give our local economy a few extra points.

The Packers are playing in a big game Sunday. Win and keep playing, lose and the season is over. Local stores are hoping for a Packers win not just so they can continue rooting on their team, but so they continue to stay busy.

"Packer playoffs are really good for us," said John McHugh, Kwik Trip manager for communications coordinator.

From gas stations to grocery stores to local bars and restaurants, when the Packers make the playoffs local businesses do a Lambeau leap.

"We love it when the Packers are in the playoffs. January for the convenience store industry -- it's extremely slow," McHugh said. "So when the Packers are in the playoffs that means there's 70,000 people in this state that need gasoline and beer. So we're happy campers."

Grocery stores see the same spike.

"What we see is a continuation of that party season with Christmas and New Year's ending. It helps roll right into that anytime the Packers do make the playoffs," Kevin Schnell, store manager of Festival Foods.


Stores are stocking their shelves with party foods and preparing for an increase in sales.

McHugh said, "We'll even send out an email notification reminding the stores, 'Hey, it's a Packer playoff game this weekend, make sure that you have the appropriate products in stock and ready to go.'"

Glory Days in downtown La Crosse is a popular hang out for Packers fans and employees expect the seats to be full.

"When the Packers are playing it's busy and when they're in the playoffs like now, it's real busy," interm manager Ted Withey said.

The spike in business throughout Wisconsin is big. Fingers are crossed it's not one and done.

"Lets hope the Packers do their thing and we can have another crowded bar the following weekend," Withey said.

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