McCarthy has long had as a component in his offense run/pass option plays, on which Rodgers decides at the line of scrimmage whether to make it a run or pass play.

But this season, Rodgers is also making adjustments on run calls.

According to Clements, on many run plays, Rodgers comes to the line of scrimmage with a menu of variations on a run call and has the responsibility of selecting the best one.

"Aaron is a guy that I think takes pride in making correct adjustments to get us into a good plays. He's been very effective with that," Clements said.

"A lot of the runs we get, obviously we're getting great running and great blocking, but he's making some adjustments on his own or talking with the line on the sideline to get us in the proper play.

"It's a fine line. We don't want to overload him, we don't want overload any of our players. But we have smart players and they're able to make adjustments quickly."