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Winona grad hoping to hear name called in NBA Draft

Alec Brown has 11 scheduled workouts with NBA teams

Winona grad hoping to hear name called in NBA Draft

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WKBT) - Wherever he has been, 7'-1" Alec Brown has left an impression.

In his senior year at Winona, he averaged 22 points, ten rebounds, and five blocks per game, leading the Winhawks to a third place finish at state. In the four years to follow, Brown set a new record at UW-Green Bay with 309 career blocked shots. He finished third in program history in rebounds and fifth in points.

Now, in the coming months, Brown will try to see if he will get an opportunity to leave his mark with an NBA team.

"If you make a team, even if it's one of the last guys and you are still on the team, you can work your way up where you are playing," he said.

With the NBA Draft approaching, Brown is over halfway through the 11 workouts he has scheduled with NBA teams.

"It's good to go out to these workouts and show these teams, and show everybody I'm just as good as those bigger named guys that are on TV all the time and that stuff. That's what a lot of mid-major guys have to do, not just myself. They have to go to these workouts and really kill the bigger named guys if they want to have a chance."

Brown is confident he will get that chance, whether it's getting drafted or signing with a team as a rookie free agent.

"If I don't get picked it's not going to be much different than if I get picked late in the second round. Either way you have to make a team. You're going to be playing in the Summer League and you've got to make whatever team you get picked to, or not get picked. So it's really not going to make much difference."

Brown admits though how special getting drafted would be.

"That's just what everybody wants to see. Everybody wants to see their name get called so it'll definitely be a huge honor to get called."

The NBA Draft is Thursday, June 26.

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