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Cotter's Bowlin celebrates 500 wins, 30 years of coaching

WINONA, Minn. (WKBT) - 24130898

500 wins is something very few coaches ever accomplish.

With a win over Fillmore Central on Jan. 17, Winona Cotter Girls Basketball Coach Pat Bowlin did just that.

"For some reason, 500 is kind of a big number in basketball and you get a lot of notoriety from it," Bowlin said. "I feel good about the accomplishment. It says something. It talks about longevity, it talks about winning some ball games along the way, so I feel good about it."

Bowlin is just the 14th coach in Minnesota history to reach the milestone. Perhaps more impressive than that, however, is the fact that he did it with family. Bowlin coached all five of his daughters in both basketball and softball.

"It makes me feel really good that I was able to play for him, just be with him in that milestone," said his youngest daugher Gabrielle, Cotter's starting point guard. "Seeing how my sisters played for him and just following their lead, and they always say it's a great opportunity to play for your dad."

Bowlin has coached basketball for 30 years, but his wins on the hard-court don't come close to those on the softball diamond, where he has more than 600 wins. Senior Hannah Spiten has played for Bowlin in both sports.

"It's such a special thing to be a part of," Spiten said. "Things he teaches us in softball and basketball help us improve for the other sport."

Bowlin has three conference championships and two state appearances as Cotter's basketball coach.

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