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Caledonia goes back to the future

Warriors coach Diersen played on '97 team that won state title

Caledonia goes back to the future

CALEDONIA, Minn. (WKBT) - The Caledonia boys basketball team is making just its third-ever trip to State, and their first since 1997. Caledonia's head coach, Josh Diersen, played on that '97 squad. It was his senior season.

"I'm just excited for these guys," Diersen said. "They have to work so hard and put in the time with their skills and everything else and to get a chance to experience the same things we did back in '97 and make a tournament run."

"Our coaches really wanted this," said senior Josh Nord. "From day one, they've been coaching me up like crazy. It's something great and we just want to do it for them."

Diersen's players now have the chance to take the court at the Target Center, something they've pictured for quite a while.

"Oh, I've pictured it many times," senior West Spier said. "Last night, I actually had a dream, K-Love and K-Mart, and they're all on there and they're giving us handshakes, and I'm like, yeah!"

No. 4 seed Caledonia faces No. 5 St. Paul Academy and Summit School on Wednesday at 8 p.m..

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