Loggers big step in Scherzer, Sale's rise as All-Stars

MINNEAPOLIS - For two straight seasons, Max Scherzer and Chris Sale have shared the stage as American League All-Stars.

The career paths of the two former La Crosse Loggers met and their one summer of ball in the Northwoods League became a topic of discussion.

"We mentioned it one time because I met him here last year and we're just talking and it came up. 'Yeah, we're both Loggers, we go way back.' Even though we didn't play with one another we still know the same experiences of playing there," said Scherzer during MLB All-Star week.

Scherzer, a 2004 member of the La Crosse Loggers, became the first ever from the franchise to breakthrough into the Major Leagues.

"You know it's a step in my journey. After my freshman year I needed an opportunity to pitch regularly and pitch often. In La Crosse that is what I got, an opportunity to close and got to start a few games."

Sale spent his 2008 summer in La Crosse. Like Scherzer, Sale says his time in Logger green prepared him for his journey to the big leagues.

"You talk about traveling like the schedule we traveled, playing four or five games on the road at a time and then moving to the next city. Staying overnight in hotels. It was a good experience to get you prepared for professional baseball."

Sale played in his third All-Star Game this week, and was credited as the winning pitcher of the 2013 Midsummer Classic.

"It was a good time," Sale said about the few months he called La Crosse home. "Had a good host family. Lot of traveling, lot of moving around but it was fun. It was really nice."

Scherzer, a two-time All-Star and winning pitcher of the 2014 game held at Target Field, also holds a special place in his heart for La Crosse.

"Those were some great memories I had in La Crosse."

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