La Crosse Speedway honors 2013 champions

Stever Carlson honored as Late Models series title winner

ONALASKA, Wis. - 24010370

During the summer, drivers at the La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway blow by each other at wild speeds on the racetrack. Saturday night, they sat next to each other and laughed together at Stoney Creek Inn.

Speedway officials handed out around one hundred awards at its annual banquet, everything from Rookie of the Year to series champions.

Late Models series winner Steve Carlson was honored for winning his third title. It was his first season in several years that he chose to focus on weekly racing.

"Being here is great. Racing is a team sport. I've got a great team, great car owner," Carlson said.

"[At] this time last winter, we had a big meeting in the shop and we set some goals for 2013: win the track championship, maybe win the state title. We accomplished all our goals and we just had a great season."

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