La Crosse Loggers have first workout of season

Loggers hold first workout

LA CROSSE, WI - The 2017 Northwoods League baseball season gets underway on Tuesday.  The La Crosse Loggers meeting up today for the first team workout of the year.

The Loggers begin play at Copeland Park on Tuesday, taking on Duluth, the first of 6 straight games at home to start the season.  And once the schedule begins, it is going to be non-stop.  The Loggers will play 71 games in 75 days.

With many of the players just getting into the town this weekend, and some not arriving until Monday, the first few practices are important to getting off to a fast start this season.\

"Getting to know what we got as far as player evaluations.  Who can play what positions.  A lot of these guys are young men we are not familiar with.  And on a personal level too, get to know some personalities, some characteristics and figure out what we got," Manager Brian Lewis said.

"They're important to get to know the players so we can play as a team.  And get back into the swing of things since our school season's ended a week ago.  We haven't had much practice since then, so getting back into the baseball things," Garrett Christman said.

"I think they are very important so we can get comfortable with each other.  Get back into the swing of things, get focused for the season upcoming and go out there and compete," Andrew Owen said.  

Loggers start the season at home Tuesday versus Duluth.  Game time scheduled for 7:05pm.    


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