Koenig works out for Bucks, rolls ankle

Koenig works out for Bucks, suffers...

Milwaukee, Wis. - Bronson Koenig fresh off of graduating last weekend had a big job interview on Thursday.

The Milwaukee Bucks invited Koenig and five other draft prospects for a pre-draft workout. Unfortunately for Koenig an ankle injury sent him to the sideline with around a quarter of the on-court practice remaining.

"It was a really good workout, I thought I was doing really well until I rolled my ankle," said Koenig afterwards. "But it's fine. I thought I shot the ball pretty well. It was my first workout and it was fun and exciting."

The injury will not deter the Bucks from entertaining the thought of pursuing the La Crosse Aquinas graduate.

"We've seen enough of him for the last four years. The workout sometimes is just a formality," said Bucks vice president of scouting Billy McKinney. "

"But we feel like when he's in our backyard like this we see them probably more than anybody in the nation. So we're very comfortable with what we've seen from him. We know it's not a major injury. It was his first workout and he was doing a terrific job before his injury."

"It's definitely frustrating just like any injury but I've been blessed my whole career by being pretty injury free," said Koenig. "Being my first workout it's a little more frustrating. But I was playing well, hopefully I proved myself a little bit today to everybody."

Koenig says he has other team workouts scheduled and considers the injury day-to-day.


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