Jason Nell: "You live and learn"

Loggers manager reacts to Friday's benches clearing incident

6/22/14 - Jason Nell: Live and Learn

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Fans at Saturday night's Loggers game were still buzzing about what happened the night before.

Kalamazoo's Jalen Phillips hit a home run, but if you watch closely, he failed to touch home plate. Tensions rose, as Growlers manager Joe Carbone was ejected. He was suspended three games.

Meanwhile, Loggers manager Jason Nell needed to be restrained.

"My job is basically to manage a team and put out fires, not to create them," Nell said. "Just trying to do my job. If somebody misses a base, I'm going to appeal it. We were fortunate we came out on the right side of things, then things escalated after that for whatever reason it was. We'll just keep that as it is."

"Just a couple words were exchanged and just kind of a weird situation but it's always good to get the win. Kind of the last word there," said utility player Kevin Zak.

Nell said he spoke to his team Friday night about playing the game hard, and playing it the right way. His Loggers (18-8) have won six straight and eight of their last ten.

La Crosse won 3-1 at Wisconsin Sunday evening, however Lakeshore also won. That means the Loggers maintain a 0.5 game lead with eight games remaining in the first half of the season.

"You live and learn from it, and we'll move on," said Nell.

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