They're two teams and two very different sports, but they shared a common cause.

"We did it because she's battling cancer and it's for a good cause and to give back thanks for what she's been doing and for how good of a person she is," said Morgan Sandvick, a gymnast.

Jenny Olson, a kindergarten teacher in Holmen whom News 8's Jennifer Livingston introduced us to in November, was diagnosed with cancer last year.

She was the beneficiary of a big event: Beauty and the Beast.

"Just a couple of weeks ago, they told us that our children were going to be Beauty and the Beast," Olson said. "We didn't know it had anything to do with us."

The Vikings wrestling team gave Olson and her family a check for $1,000.

"We raised a bunch of money from the community service that we did," said Hunter Hauser, a wrestler. "We did leaf raking."

The Vikings gymnastics team scored a miracle minute.

"Each team had a bucket and they went around in the crowd and got money in the crowd. Parents had to dig out change and put it in the bucket," Sandvik said.

They raised nearly $700 more for the Olson family.

"I like helping people out and she deserves it," Sandvik said.

Holmen's wrestling and gymnastics teams are very different. When they come together, it's a thing of beauty.

"It just goes to show what a wonderful community Holmen is and it blew us away again: the kindness and caring community we have," Olson said. "My husband and I were just brought to tears. It's wonderful how people think of us in the midst of Christmas and everything and remember us. It's overwhelming in a good way."