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West Salem Schools look for solution to overcrowding

WEST SALEM, WI - Administrators in the West Salem School district are looking for the perfect plan to solve its overcrowding issue.

Right now there are more than 800 students packed into the elementary school. Superintendent Troy Gunderson says all three schools are at capacity.

"The overcrowding continues especially at the younger levels and we don't have room to add them in there, so we'll have to make some more space," says Gunderson, "the question is who's going to go into the new space and what are you going to do with the old space?"

Recently, the district reached out to an Iowa-based firm to find a solution. It recommended replacing and expanding the current middle school, which serves students in grades 6-8 , with a bigger one that would house students in grades 4-8.


But that's just one idea. Gunderson says they will be brainstorming for the perfect solution for at least the next month. They're hoping the community will help.

If you have an idea, contact information can be found at the school district's website.

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