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Chocolate Soiree raises money for local high school and middle school show choirs

LA CROSSE, Wis. - What better way to raise some money than by using chocolate as an incentive?

The Logan High School show choir is using the treat in hopes of sweetening its upcoming season.

It held it's Chocolate Soiree at the high school in La Crosse on Saturday.

People can enjoy some chocolate and cookies while watching the Logan and Lincoln Middle School show choirs and the Logan High School choirs perform in full costume.

Organizers say it's not only good practice to prepare for the competition season in January, but it's also an important fundraiser.

"We raise money so the kids can go on trips. It helps us with our costumes just helps us throughout the year," said Logan High School Show Choir director Alicia Fitchett.

Organizers say they usually raise enough money from the event to pay for half the students show choir expenses.


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