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Holmen High School art students create a colorful cafeteria

HOLMEN, Wis. -- When you walk through the doors at Holmen High School ...

"I think it's pretty cool," said a Holmen High School student.

You're greeted by something super spectacular.

"It takes your breath away," said Virginia Thom, Holmen High School cook.

"They look like they took a lot of time," said a Holmen High School student.

This eye-catching artwork is transforming the high school cafeteria.

"I saw the ladder," said Thom. "I thought what the heck is going on."

The lunchroom is getting a make-over. It was inspired by an art teacher who felt her students could help build a sense of community within their school.

"There's this wonderful large space with sky lights down there and that's where all the students gather," said Christine Michels, Holmen High School art teacher. "And it just seemed like a space that needed a personal touch. And there's nothing more personal than art work."

So, Ms. Michel's art metals class took recycled materials and created a spring-themed art gallery for the ceiling.


"I'm making a dragonfly," said Haleigh Hendersen, Holmen High School freshman.

With styrofoam, coat hangers, newspaper and a few embellishments, Haleigh and her classmates are helping to bring color to the cafeteria.

"It's interesting to see what you can actually create with things that nobody else wants to use," said Hendersen.

It's almost hard to believe such beauty can be created from re-purposed materials. But if there was ever any doubt, Holmen high school art students have made believers out of their high school community.

"I have to say I am impressed... totally impressed by their artistic ability," said Thom. "It's amazing."

"The way that the light hits them and everything. It just makes the whole place glow," said a Holmen High School student.

"This is really cool to be able to do something like this," said Hendersen.

"There's stress in everyone's life," said Michels. "When you walk through the lunchroom and you're on your way to math class and math may not be your thing, not slammin' on math, but if it's something that creates stress and you see that and it's something that makes you look up and smile... it's worth it."

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